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Home Care is

What is home care? Does it have something to do with maintenance of a home like taking care of a burst pipe, electrical malfunction, leaking roof or ground maintenance? Does it involve getting a babysitter or a nanny for your kid? What does home care really mean?
In our business, it generally means custodial or unskilled care delivered at home, home of the elderly and the sick. It involves providing assistance in bathing and dressing the individual; providing help with meal planning and preparation; laundry; light housekeeping and other errands. This may also be referred to as personal care.

Home health care refers to a higher level of care. This type of care requires medical training because it involves procedures like checking the patient's vitals, respiration, ventilators or assisting with operation of medical equipment. This type of care can also provide custodial care. And this is what SI HomeCare provides...home care and home health care!

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“This is a big adjustment for any family & we are grateful that we found the team… their patience, skill & dedication made an enormous contribution to our lives as did the excellent caregivers we met through them.”