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New York State Department of Health is responsible for monitoring the care provided by home care and home health agencies. But care at home is not only provided by home care or home health agencies but also placement agencies that provide aides hired directly by families.
Here follows are the pros and cons and check which one works for you:
Private Hire

Cost at least initially maybe lower
1.    Burden of responsibility lies on the family or the senior as employer. You will have to adhere to local employment laws like securing workers compensation, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, Medicare and social security. As employer, you may be responsible for employment taxes and other employee benefits as mandated by law.
2.    Typically, private hire aides are not bonded nor insured. No one is liable or supports the liability issue.
3.    Management of aides’ time, work schedule or system lies on the senior or family. Family members who are mostly out of state or live a fair amount of distance from the senior may not be able to manage the aide. In cases too when the aide is not available or sick, the senior can be left alone and the family member may not be informed about it.
4.    Lack of professionalism with private aides as they do not measure up to a given professional standards like aides from agencies. Seniors are at a risk of abuse and being taken advantage of.
Home Care Agency
Out of pocket costs can be higher because many agencies may not accept Medicare, Medicaid or other types of insurance.


1.    Burden of responsibility lies on the agency. We provide our employees with mandated insurances.
2.    Compatibility between aide and senior is often sought after by agencies. Personality, attitude and temperament have to match if they are to live together in harmonious
3.    situation.
4.    Most agencies provide regular training updates to their aides on latest trends on health and wellness in seniors.
5.    Licensed home care agencies have a scheduling system with back up procedures for emergencies. There is a care management team that monitors each case that seniors will not be left at risk for having without care.

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