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Memory, Dementia & Stroke

Dementia :
It’s not a disease by itself, but it refers to a set of symptoms that describes a condition.
It relates to a person’s ability to function compared to how once they did.
It is often associated with :
    language difficulties
    Memory lapses
    Poor judgment
    Inability to complete daily care routines such as:
                                                          Dressing, eating, hygiene task
What causes Dementia ?
    Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of Dementia
    Alzheimer’s origins are unknown.
    The disease damage and kills brain cells
    It is not a normal part of aging, but risk increases with age.
Think of Dementia as gradual  and progressive brain damage due to a disease
This brain damage takes away one’s ability to think and interact with the world
  Tips for reducing confusion in people with dementia include:
    Have familiar objects and people around.
    Keep lights on at night.
    Use reminders, notes, lists of routine tasks, or directions for daily activities.
    Stick to a simple activity schedule.

Stroke :
A stroke happens when blood flow to a part of the brain stops. A stroke is sometimes called a "brain attack." If blood flow is stopped for longer than a few seconds, the brain cannot get blood and oxygen. Brain cells can die, causing permanent damage.

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